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Nanaimo, British Columbia

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Nanaimo, British Columbia
Thu 05/23/19 9:02PM   Sunset
Thu 05/23/19 11:24PM 14.85 feet  High Tide
Fri 05/24/19 1:30AM   Moonrise
Fri 05/24/19 5:22AM   Sunrise
Fri 05/24/19 5:28AM 10.83 feet  Low Tide
Fri 05/24/19 8:45AM 11.3 feet  High Tide
Fri 05/24/19 10:31AM   Moonset
Fri 05/24/19 4:15PM 4.09 feet  Low Tide
Fri 05/24/19 9:03PM   Sunset
Sat 05/25/19 2:02AM   Moonrise
Sat 05/25/19 5:21AM   Sunrise
Sat 05/25/19 6:48AM 10.43 feet  Low Tide
Sat 05/25/19 9:50AM 10.69 feet  High Tide
Sat 05/25/19 11:34AM   Moonset
Sat 05/25/19 12:12PM 14.59 feet  High Tide
Sat 05/25/19 5:03PM 5.03 feet  Low Tide
Sat 05/25/19 9:04PM   Sunset
Sun 05/26/19 2:29AM   Moonrise
Sun 05/26/19 5:20AM   Sunrise
Sun 05/26/19 8:01AM 9.77 feet  Low Tide
Sun 05/26/19 12:58PM 14.33 feet  High Tide
Mon 05/27/19 1:40AM 14.09 feet  High Tide
Mon 05/27/19 2:52AM   Moonrise
Mon 05/27/19 5:19AM   Sunrise
Mon 05/27/19 8:45AM 8.91 feet  Low Tide
Mon 05/27/19 1:03PM 10.1 feet  High Tide
Mon 05/27/19 1:42PM   Moonset
Mon 05/27/19 6:56PM 6.94 feet  Low Tide
Mon 05/27/19 9:06PM   Sunset
Tue 05/28/19 2:17AM 13.89 feet  High Tide
Tue 05/28/19 3:13AM   Moonrise
Tue 05/28/19 5:18AM   Sunrise
Tue 05/28/19 9:18AM 7.92 feet  Low Tide
Tue 05/28/19 2:35PM 10.43 feet  High Tide
Tue 05/28/19 2:46PM   Moonset
Tue 05/28/19 7:56PM 7.77 feet  Low Tide
Tue 05/28/19 9:08PM   Sunset
Wed 05/29/19 2:48AM 13.73 feet  High Tide
Wed 05/29/19 3:34AM   Moonrise
Wed 05/29/19 5:17AM   Sunrise
Wed 05/29/19 9:47AM 6.81 feet  Low Tide
Wed 05/29/19 3:51PM   Moonset
Wed 05/29/19 3:52PM 11.08 feet  High Tide
Wed 05/29/19 8:56PM 8.49 feet  Low Tide
Wed 05/29/19 9:09PM   Sunset
Thu 05/30/19 3:16AM 13.6 feet  High Tide
Thu 05/30/19 3:54AM   Moonrise
Thu 05/30/19 5:16AM   Sunrise
Thu 05/30/19 10:16AM 5.64 feet  Low Tide
Thu 05/30/19 4:53PM 11.87 feet  High Tide
Thu 05/30/19 4:58PM   Moonset
Thu 05/30/19 9:10PM   Sunset
Thu 05/30/19 9:51PM 9.08 feet  Low Tide
Fri 05/31/19 3:44AM 13.5 feet  High Tide
Fri 05/31/19 4:16AM   Moonrise
Fri 05/31/19 5:16AM   Sunrise
Fri 05/31/19 10:46AM 4.47 feet  Low Tide
Fri 05/31/19 5:44PM 12.7 feet  High Tide
Fri 05/31/19 6:08PM   Moonset
Fri 05/31/19 9:11PM   Sunset
Fri 05/31/19 10:42PM 9.59 feet  Low Tide
Sat 06/01/19 4:11AM 13.43 feet  High Tide
Sat 06/01/19 4:40AM   Moonrise
Sat 06/01/19 5:15AM   Sunrise
Sat 06/01/19 11:18AM 3.36 feet  Low Tide
Sat 06/01/19 6:30PM 13.48 feet  High Tide
Sat 06/01/19 7:19PM   Moonset
Sat 06/01/19 9:12PM   Sunset
Sat 06/01/19 11:32PM 10.02 feet  Low Tide
Sun 06/02/19 4:39AM 13.36 feet  High Tide
Sun 06/02/19 5:09AM   Moonrise
Sun 06/02/19 5:14AM   Sunrise
Sun 06/02/19 7:14PM 14.18 feet  High Tide
Sun 06/02/19 8:31PM   Moonset
Sun 06/02/19 9:13PM   Sunset
Mon 06/03/19 3:02AM   New Moon
Mon 06/03/19 5:08AM 13.31 feet  High Tide
Mon 06/03/19 5:14AM   Sunrise
Mon 06/03/19 5:45AM   Moonrise
Mon 06/03/19 12:21PM 10.38 feet  Low Tide
Mon 06/03/19 12:29PM 1.59 feet  Low Tide
Mon 06/03/19 7:58PM 14.76 feet  High Tide
Mon 06/03/19 9:14PM   Sunset
Mon 06/03/19 9:42PM   Moonset
Tue 06/04/19 1:11AM 10.67 feet  Low Tide
Tue 06/04/19 5:13AM   Sunrise
Tue 06/04/19 5:40AM 13.23 feet  High Tide
Tue 06/04/19 6:29AM   Moonrise
Tue 06/04/19 1:08PM 1.08 feet  Low Tide
Tue 06/04/19 8:43PM 15.18 feet  High Tide
Tue 06/04/19 9:15PM   Sunset
Tue 06/04/19 10:48PM   Moonset
Wed 06/05/19 2:02AM 10.88 feet  Low Tide
Wed 06/05/19 5:13AM   Sunrise
Wed 06/05/19 6:17AM 13.1 feet  High Tide
Wed 06/05/19 7:24AM   Moonrise
Wed 06/05/19 1:50PM 0.91 feet  Low Tide
Wed 06/05/19 9:15PM   Sunset
Wed 06/05/19 9:30PM 15.44 feet  High Tide
Wed 06/05/19 11:46PM   Moonset
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