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Honolulu, Honolulu Harbor, Oahu Island, Hawaii

Honolulu, Honolulu Harbor, Oahu Island, Hawaii
Sat 05/27/17 5:03AM 0.68 feet  High Tide
Sat 05/27/17 5:49AM   Sunrise
Sat 05/27/17 7:56AM   Moonrise
Sat 05/27/17 10:30AM -0.33 feet  Low Tide
Sat 05/27/17 12:16PM -0.03 feet  Low Tide
Sat 05/27/17 5:55PM 2.41 feet  High Tide
Sat 05/27/17 7:07PM   Sunset
Sat 05/27/17 9:31PM   Moonset
Sun 05/28/17 1:16AM -0.04 feet  Low Tide
Sun 05/28/17 5:49AM   Sunrise
Sun 05/28/17 6:04AM 0.6 feet  High Tide
Sun 05/28/17 8:58AM   Moonrise
Sun 05/28/17 11:16AM -0.18 feet  Low Tide
Sun 05/28/17 6:46PM 2.28 feet  High Tide
Sun 05/28/17 7:08PM   Sunset
Sun 05/28/17 10:29PM   Moonset
Mon 05/29/17 2:17AM -0.05 feet  Low Tide
Mon 05/29/17 5:49AM   Sunrise
Mon 05/29/17 7:17AM 0.56 feet  High Tide
Mon 05/29/17 10:00AM   Moonrise
Mon 05/29/17 12:09PM 0.01 feet  Low Tide
Mon 05/29/17 7:08PM   Sunset
Mon 05/29/17 7:40PM 2.1 feet  High Tide
Mon 05/29/17 11:21PM   Moonset
Tue 05/30/17 3:17AM -0.06 feet  Low Tide
Tue 05/30/17 5:49AM   Sunrise
Tue 05/30/17 8:44AM 0.61 feet  High Tide
Tue 05/30/17 11:00AM   Moonrise
Tue 05/30/17 1:13PM 0.24 feet  Low Tide
Tue 05/30/17 7:09PM   Sunset
Tue 05/30/17 8:36PM 1.9 feet  High Tide
Wed 05/31/17 4:13AM -0.07 feet  Low Tide
Wed 05/31/17 5:49AM   Sunrise
Wed 05/31/17 10:17AM 0.75 feet  High Tide
Wed 05/31/17 11:57AM   Moonrise
Wed 05/31/17 12:09PM   Moonset
Wed 05/31/17 2:36PM 0.44 feet  Low Tide
Wed 05/31/17 7:09PM   Sunset
Wed 05/31/17 9:33PM 1.7 feet  High Tide
Thu 06/01/17 2:43AM   First Quarter
Thu 06/01/17 5:02AM -0.1 feet  Low Tide
Thu 06/01/17 5:48AM   Sunrise
Thu 06/01/17 11:34AM 0.97 feet  High Tide
Thu 06/01/17 12:52PM   Moonrise
Thu 06/01/17 12:53PM   Moonset
Thu 06/01/17 4:15PM 0.58 feet  Low Tide
Thu 06/01/17 7:10PM   Sunset
Thu 06/01/17 10:31PM 1.5 feet  High Tide
Fri 06/02/17 1:33AM   Moonset
Fri 06/02/17 5:43AM -0.12 feet  Low Tide
Fri 06/02/17 5:48AM   Sunrise
Fri 06/02/17 12:31PM 1.22 feet  High Tide
Fri 06/02/17 1:45PM   Moonrise
Fri 06/02/17 5:49PM 0.61 feet  Low Tide
Fri 06/02/17 7:10PM   Sunset
Fri 06/02/17 11:25PM 1.33 feet  High Tide
Sat 06/03/17 2:11AM   Moonset
Sat 06/03/17 5:48AM   Sunrise
Sat 06/03/17 6:17AM -0.14 feet  Low Tide
Sat 06/03/17 1:16PM 1.45 feet  High Tide
Sat 06/03/17 2:36PM   Moonrise
Sat 06/03/17 7:06PM 0.57 feet  Low Tide
Sat 06/03/17 7:10PM   Sunset
Sun 06/04/17 2:48AM   Moonset
Sun 06/04/17 5:48AM   Sunrise
Sun 06/04/17 6:48AM -0.15 feet  Low Tide
Sun 06/04/17 12:14PM 1.18 feet  High Tide
Sun 06/04/17 7:11PM   Sunset
Sun 06/04/17 8:08PM 0.5 feet  Low Tide
Mon 06/05/17 3:25AM   Moonset
Mon 06/05/17 5:48AM   Sunrise
Mon 06/05/17 7:16AM -0.16 feet  Low Tide
Mon 06/05/17 12:59PM 1.05 feet  High Tide
Mon 06/05/17 2:25PM 1.82 feet  High Tide
Mon 06/05/17 4:15PM   Moonrise
Mon 06/05/17 7:11PM   Sunset
Mon 06/05/17 8:59PM 0.42 feet  Low Tide
Tue 06/06/17 1:40AM 0.94 feet  High Tide
Tue 06/06/17 4:03AM   Moonset
Tue 06/06/17 5:48AM   Sunrise
Tue 06/06/17 7:42AM -0.17 feet  Low Tide
Tue 06/06/17 2:57PM 1.96 feet  High Tide
Tue 06/06/17 5:06PM   Moonrise
Tue 06/06/17 7:11PM   Sunset
Tue 06/06/17 9:44PM 0.34 feet  Low Tide
Wed 06/07/17 2:19AM 0.85 feet  High Tide
Wed 06/07/17 4:42AM   Moonset
Wed 06/07/17 5:48AM   Sunrise
Wed 06/07/17 8:09AM -0.18 feet  Low Tide
Wed 06/07/17 3:27PM 2.06 feet  High Tide
Wed 06/07/17 5:55PM   Moonrise
Wed 06/07/17 7:12PM   Sunset
Wed 06/07/17 10:24PM 0.27 feet  Low Tide
Thu 06/08/17 2:56AM 0.78 feet  High Tide
Thu 06/08/17 5:24AM   Moonset
Thu 06/08/17 5:48AM   Sunrise
Thu 06/08/17 8:37AM -0.18 feet  Low Tide
Thu 06/08/17 3:59PM 2.12 feet  High Tide
Thu 06/08/17 6:45PM   Moonrise
Thu 06/08/17 7:12PM   Sunset
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